Primus Micron Ti Stove

Primus Micron Ti Stove Review

1. ignitor, burner in a compact sturdy package
2. almost clumsy-proof ignitor
3. good value compare to all other compact stoves available on the market (maybe that's why it's sold out in local REIs)

No test in field yet. A few good reviews found in (3 reviews on the Ti version which is essentially the same stove using lighter construction sans ignitor)

Flame pattern is a good compromise between blow-torch compact stoves and wide-spread Optimus Crux compact stove.

Questionable pot support stability in the old design (this one is new design) but base on Ti version reviews, this new pot support can be reasonably stable.

Sips fuel. This explains why the BTU is not as high as some other compact stoves. But this also fits light backpacking.

Been happy with my old Primus compact Alpine stove, but want to have the convenient ignitor. Once used Primus micron lantern, been convert to Primus sturdy ignitor design.

Primus Micron Ti Stove Feature

Primus Micron Ti Stove Overview

The Ti in the Primus Micron Ti 2.5 Stove means titanium, and 2.5 is how many ounces of that precious metal Primus needs to make a stove. Two and a half ounces is light, folks less than a bag of Skittles but don't be deceived. The Micron Ti may be small but it packs an 8500 BTU whallop, and it's fully adjustable from a low simmer to a scorching high setting that will boil a liter of water in about four minutes. The arms unfold to form a surprisingly stable four-inch cooking surface. Not huge, but enough for most lightweight camping pot and pan sets, and let's face it: if you're considering this stove you're probably not toting a cast iron skillet into the woods. *Fuel canister not included.

Product Features
  • Material: Titanium, aluminum
  • Fuel Type: Butane, Primus PowerGas
  • Burn Time: Varies
  • Boil Time: 4 min
  • Simmer: Yes
  • Auto Ignition: No
  • Windscreen: No
  • Heat Reflector: No
  • Parts Kit: No
  • Cleaning Tool: No
  • Stuff Sack: Yes
  • Hard Case: No
  • Size: 2.6 x 1.7 x 2.6in (6.6 x 4.2 x 6.6 cm)
  • Weight: 2.5oz (71g)
  • Recommended Use: Ultralight camping, fastpacking, adventure racing
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime
  • Country of Origin: China

Primus Micron Ti Stove Specifications

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