Intex Comfort Frame Rising Comfort Queen Airbed

Intex Comfort Frame Rising Comfort Queen Airbed Review

I had relatively low expectations, having slept on a blow-up bed before. I'm a big guy, 6'4" and 275lb - and find it difficult to be comfortable sleeping anywhere but my own bed. I was pleasantly surprised! I just assumed the bed was a single piece affair, but it's not - it has a base that is like a rectangular swimming pool, and then a separate mattress that snuggles into the base. The included pump worked quite well and inflated the base quickly. Inflating the mattress was more challenging, but still only a few minutes. A queen fitted sheet was still too big for the inner mattress, but it could be tucked under and stayed put through the night. The bed itself was really quite comfortable and supportive .... and the bolster at the head kept my pillow from dropping to the floor every time I moved. I slept alone - so can't speak to its comfort for a two-some. The height was enough to allow me to swing my legs over the edge and stand up .... where I usually would have had to roll off the mattress and go to hands & knees first. In the morning, popped the two valves off and walked on the surface to push most of the air out .... then folded & flattened each unit toward the valve end. They flattened nicely and I had no trouble inserting them into the included bags. THIS THING IS HEAVY! But the two carrying bags have shoulder-length straps which are a definite plus. If it holds up .... this is going to be an excellent purchase!

Intex Comfort Frame Rising Comfort Queen Airbed Feature

  • 20.8 gauge flocked top
  • 15 gauge vinyl beams
  • 16 gauge vinyl bottom
  • Hand held AC Pump Included
  • Includes duffle bag with shoulder strap

Intex Comfort Frame Rising Comfort Queen Airbed Overview

The Comfort Frame Bed is a bed that is so comfortable it can actually be a permanent sleeping solution to a traditional mattress and box spring. It allows for more support because the mattress is inside a soft, inflated frame. Bed sheets tuck easily and securely into the bed frame. Unique pillowed head board for added comfort. Easily converts into two separate beds. Compliments any room decor. Two beds in one - Inner mattress pulls out to make two separate beds if desired. Quality tested 20.8 gauge waterproof flocked top and sides with 15 gauge vinyl beams and 16 gauge bottom Queen-sized mattress is raised 15 1/2" from the floor for convenience. Airbed frame consists of I-beams for a stable base and tubular chambers on the sides for firmness and support. Includes Hand Held A/C 120 Volt Pump which allows inflating in around 6 minutes total! Bed sheets can tuck easily and securely into the bed frame. Weight Capacity is 600 lbs. Comes with duffle bag for convenient storage.

Intex Comfort Frame Rising Comfort Queen Airbed Specifications

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